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Economic and Urban Development in Tibet: Past and Present

This exhibit shall explore Tibet's economic development that it has undergone in recent years with globalization and Chinese influence. 

The issue of Tibet's economic development is a very large one. In order to limit the scope of discussion, this exhibit shall only focus on the Barkhor area in Lhasa. Barkhor is one of the most iconic places in Lhasa, home to the famous Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Street, a circular path that is the largest Tibetan marketplace. Barkhor is a microcosm of Tibet's development, where the issues that face Tibet as a result of economic development can be seen more clearly. 

This exhibit shall look at the past and present of three places in Barkhor: Barkhor Street, Barkhor Square and Jokhang Temple. It will then explore the impacts of development on culture by looking at the prayers on Barkhor Street, the hybridizing of consumerism and Tibetan culture and the culture lost by commercialized Thangka making. 

*This exhibit works best in the Google Chrome browser. Other browsers should work fine for this exhibit, but may exhibit some irregularities when viewing this exhibit. 


Mason Ji