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The Lost Horizon

          Your plane begins to shake violently as the hijacker banks sharply to the left, narrowly missing a snow-capped peak which had seemed to appear from nowhere in the mist. The sun has barely just risen, and the long shadows dissecting the mountains around you make the Himalaya seem more inhospitable than you've ever seen it before. Will you be the range's next victim?

          Suddenly, the clouds above you part and a narrow beam of sunshine beams down from the heavens. In the distance, you see the distinctive glimmer of light on steel, a surprising sight after hours of only the glare of light on snow. After the hijacker took over the plane he had quickly steered the vessel off course, and you were no longer sure of your precise location. However, you were sure that, far into the uncharted depths of Tibet, you had long ago passed the last recorded human settlement on any of your maps.

          You are wrenched back to reality when the angle of the plan turns sharply downward, and you find yourself reflexively bracing yourself against the seat back in front of you. All safety training you had received for emergencies such as this flies out of your mind. All you can do is tense your body and wait for impact.

          The piercing whizz of wind scraping past metal becomes deafening. 

          You screw your eyes shut in fear, submitting to your fate.

          The crunching sound of impact.

          Then nothing.

Welcome to Shangri La.